Frequently asked Questions


Committee Questions:

Who and why has this committee formed?

The committee thus far is a sorted group of cousins from about 5 different branches; whom have come to gather to try to fulfill one of the biggest requests made by 2 sisters by the names of Gladys Adams Buffington and Mozell Adams Kelly. Their request is and was for the family to form a family reunion; that united everyone from all the branches together as one.

In separate conversations of each other; both sisters expressed how over the years our family branches have become more and more divided then what they remember their families to be growing up as children. Somehow throughout the decades we have lost that unity and they hope it could be found again. The question here now is, "How many more times do we have to work side-by-side, walk into a grocery store and or a restaurant and without any inkling be standing right next to one of our family members and not know it; sometimes not for months or years later?

Although we have lost Gladys Adams Buffington this past year this committee is driven on fulfilling the sisters request before we lose another. We are not trying to halt or breakdown the separate branch family reunions but to unite the different branch committees and families as one family reunion. .


Reunion Fee(s) Questions:

What do the reunion fees cover and why is the Saturday dinner excluded?

The reunion fees covers the Meet and Greet lunch/snacks, the dinner on Friday night and grilled lunch on Saturday, the reunion venues, and the T-shirts for everyone except for children 8 and under. Because this committee is a newly formed we do not have a large amount of seed money and we were trying to keep the actual reunion fees as low as possible. Note: The Foxfire Ranch Saturday Dinner is not included and they have a large selection of food to serve for the Saturday dinner.

Why do I have to pay an additional $10 for my children(s) 8 and under T-shirts?

Children 8 and under have to pay an additional $10 for their T-shirts because they get into the reunion for free. Please note that their name(s) still need to be included on the registration form so that they too will receive a ENTER wristband for the reunion.

If I have more than 6 family members attending the reunion what should I do?

It is okay to make copies of the original registration form and add the additional names.


Dinner Questions:

What am I going to eat if I’m a vegetarian or vegan?

We apologize for not including vegetarian or vegan status on the registration form before it was printed and sent out. Please indicate your dietary on your registration form and we will respect and accommodate your family(ies) dietary.


Hotel Questions:

Why are there so many hotels mention on the Hotel Website page; do we not have a main hotel chosen for the reunion?

Yes, hotels has been chosen for the reunion. The hotel is the Best Western Plus & The Comfort Suites in Olive Branch, Mississippi as well as Quality Inn and Suites in Holly Springs, Mississippi. When you call mentioned the name “Getting Back to OUR ROOTS” and you will receive the family group rate.

The other hotels are listed because Waterford, Mississippi does not have hotel(s) accommodation At All therefore we felt the need to list a few more hotels in the perimeter of Holly Springs/Waterford.

Tee Shirts Questions:

Can I purchase a T-shirt if I do not attend the reunion?

Yes T-shirts will be sold online as well as directly by calling Selina Durant at (916) 205-5261.

Will the family reunion tree image on the home page be on the T-shirts?

Yes, that tree will be the image (with all the names) and the fees will be as follow:

Adults: Small - Large $15.00 ea. and 1X - 4X $18.00 ea.

Youths: Small - Large $15.00 ea.

Kids: Small - Large $13.00 ea.

***Although not advertised on the registration form for an additional $3 dollars per shirt. The woman’s V cut T-shirt is available. ***

When will the T-shirt order be placed?

The order will be placed on May 23, 2017

What do I do if I do not see my family branch name on the tree?

After thoroughly reviewing the tree and you do not see your name please contact James Littlejohn Jackson at (912 ) 429-8225 or Selina Durant at (916) 205-5261 therefore we can make sure that your branch is well represented not only on the tree but for the genealogy “Who Do You Think You Are” workshop as well.

Contest and Prize Questions:

Will there be prizes given for the talent show?

Most definitely, those prizes will be divulged at the Meet and Greet.

If do not attend the genealogy “Who Do You Think You Are”workshop and I win the photo contest how will l received my prize?

Your prize will be mailed to you the following weekend after the family reunion weekend.


Waiver Questions:

Why do I have to sign a waiver for my children as well as myself before we get into the bouncy house and or the giant adult/children waterslide?

Although the reunion committee has put in place other family members to help mandate these activities; they are not and cannot be 100% responsible for the actions of others (everything one does and or do not do). Therefore by signing these waivers we not only want everyone to know that the reunion is not responsible but to remind everyone that we all share the responsibility and are responsible for our own kids as well as our own actions while on these activities.


Van Shuttle Service Questions:

Will there be shuttle van service from the airport to the Best Western Hotel and Olive branch?

Yes, we will do our best to accommodate you if the committee is made aware of your need before the reunion and or the event(s).

Will there be shuttle van service from the Airport, yhe Hotel, the Community Center and or Foxfire Ranch/Waterford family reunion?

Yes, it will do our best to accommodate you, the schedule for the group pickup will be disclosed to you once your registration for the reunion has been confirmed.



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